Currie Technologies Nano Electric Scooter

Currie Technologies Nano Electric Scooter Currie Technologies Nano Electric Scooter - Neat Looking 3 Wheel Scooter

Let your little kiddo hop on and cruise around with the Currie Technologies Nano Electric Scooter.  No more pushing and panting for your little fella thanks to this new and innovative three wheel scooter.

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Currie Technologies Nano Electric Scooter Features:

One of the biggest features that the Currie Technologies Nano Electric Scooter boasts about is its unique three wheel design.  It has one solid rubber wheel at the back and two Currie Polyurethane wheels in front. 

The rear tire is about 8 inches thick while the tow ones in front are 6 inches each. It is because of this feature that this scooter is absolutely perfect for first time riders.  It is more stable than the original two wheeled scooter.  So you won’t really have to worry about it tipping over.  Also, this is great for kids who are learning how to make a left and a right all because of its curving turn design.

What makes the Currie Technologies Nano Electric Scooter go is the 150W motor that is powered from a DC Earth Magnet.  The rechargeable battery is EV rated SLA type with 24V / 4.5Ah Pack, (2) 12V / 4.5Ah Valve.  But all technical terms aside, basically it is plug and play.  So along with the package you will find a UL listed Currie smart charger that even has an LED status display so that you know exactly how much longer you will have to wait until the battery is full.  Actually, just like an alarm clock, it will alert you when it is good and ready.

Even if the Nano is an electric scooter, it has a push to start feature which actually decreases the peak power demands.  So to actually get the throttle going, you have to push up to 2mph.  Once it is up and running, you can enjoy top speeds of 10 mph.  With a full battery pack, you should be able to have five good hours of cruising around. 

Controlling it won’t be a problem either. The Currie Technologies Nano Electric Scooter has an on and off switch to make it go.  This also comes with a rear band break as well as an alloy brake inhibitor.  So all you have to do is squeeze down when you want it to come to a stop. 

Plus, since this is meant for the great outdoors, it is good to know that all of the controls are water proof.  SO if your child just happens to get caught in the rain, you won’t have to worry about the whole thing just falling apart and breaking down.

Speaking of rain, another key feature is the saddle.  It is made of non-slip ABS resin.  So you are pretty sure that your little one will stay in place and not fall off.  Also, the in mold graphics as well as the logo badge give it a nice touch.

Since we are on the subject of design, the Currie Technologies Nano Electric Scooter is made of Hi-Ten steel and currently there are two cool color schemes to choose from- one is black and neon green while the other is black and neon orange.

Storage won’t be a problem either.  Whether you have a huge garage or you live in an apartment, you are sure to find the place and the space for this scooter since the handle bars are removable making it much smaller and compact.  You can even pack it up at the back of your car and take it along on road trips or even just a visit to the local park.

Like the Razor pocket mod electric scooter the Nano Electric Scooter is perfect for kids. The recommendation is for children who are 8 and up but the reality is that everyone will want to have a go on this machine....grown ups and kids.  Just keep in mind that the max weight this scooter can take is 150 pounds.

And so…

Whether for a Christmas or birthday gift or if you just want to surprise your kid, the Currie Technologies Nano Electric Scooter is one that won’t disappoint.  You child won’t be able to wait until he hops on and takes it for a spin.  So what are you waiting for?  Order one today for a scootin’ tootin’ tomorrow. 

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