Daisy Razor scooter

Razor Daisy Pocket Mod Scooter Razor Daisy Pocket Mod Scooter – Hard To Find Pocket Mod Scooter

The Pocket Mod is a popular marque of scooter for kids. It's made by Razor and there seem to be 4 main models or versions at the moment. These are the Sweet Pea, Vapor, Hot Mod and Betty. There are a few other versions which seem to be harder to find, notably the Bistro, Hello Kitty and the Daisy. This is all about the Daisy Razor Scooter and will help you get your hands on this machine if you have your heart set on it.

More on the Daisy Razor Pocket Mod Scooter

So the Daisy can be best described as the Pinky red colored pocket mod. Maybe it's bubble gum pink or cream soda pink or metallic pink. It has the Daisy name printed on the side along with a graphic of some daisy flowers. Again, this style and detailing would seem to appeal to girls more than boys and I think that is probably why it is a bit harder to find than some of the others.

I think the manufacturer wants to appeal to children of both sexes rather than exclusively girls, hence why you will find the vapor and hot mod versions around. These styles are pretty neutral and would appeal to boys and girls a like.               

With this said, a little girl will love to ride around on the Daisy pocket mod. It looks cute and is pink, a little girls favorite color. Currently you can get the Daisy via Amazon but sold by an independent supplier. So I'm not sure how long this will last.

Daisy Razor Pocket Mod Scooter Specifications

Even though the Daisy Razor scooter looks like an older version of the pocket mod, the shape looks identical and I would imagine the technical specs are pretty much the same too.

This means it is powered by an electric motor that can get a best speed of 15 miles per hour. It rides on 2 12 inch pneumatic tires. It has disk braking system that is controlled via a handle bar lever and a switch style accelerator.

It also has the retractable stand for parking and storage compartment under the seat.

Looking at the picture of the Daisy Razor scooter, it appears that it doesn't have a different color under the seat, like the other versions do, but it does have a different (white) seat cover.

The on/off switch and recharging port are also located on the stanchion of the seat.

Like all the other versions, this version has a large front light and a smaller rectangular rear light. You would think that these lights would work but in fact, they are just faux lights to make the machine look more realistic.

I'm not sure why the lighting system doesn't work but I guess if the fully charged electric motor only lasts for one hour, then you don't want it being used up by a fairly redundant lighting system. After all, the machine won't, or certainly shouldn't, be ridden at night.

Like all the Pocket Mod electric scooters, this is a great toy for kids, especially girls. It will give them confidence and freedom to ride around on their own. It will also teach them a bit of responsibility as they will have to follow safety procedures and operate the machine in a responsible manner, especially in a built up area or with other kids around. 

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