Hello Kitty Razor Pocket Mod Scooter

Hello Kitty Razor Pocket Mod Electric ScooterHello Kitty Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter

So the Hello Kitty Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter is exactly that. It's the popular pocket mod Euro style scooter with the Hello Kitty logo on the front fairing, engine cowling and the base of the seat. It has a pink and white  color scheme.  It's a great gift idea for girls or must have for anyone mad on Hello Kitty items.

More on the Hello Kitty Pocket Mod Scooter

The Pocket Mod electric scooter from Razor is based on the original Vespa scooter made in Italy just after the second world war. The name pocket mod comes about as it is a miniature version of the original vespa. In fact it looks a bit different in shape to the original but you get the idea. This miniature version does not have as rounded a shape as the original Vespa but anyone seeing it for the first time will know that it's based on this iconic vehicle. 

The key aspects of the scooter that make it stand out as a replica Vespa is the front fairing and mud guard around the front wheel. Also the seat over the engine/cowling and floor boards which make place the rider in an upright forward sitting position. It's far more comfortable than a standard motor bike.

This Hello Kitty version has exactly the same specifications as all the other models, so it's just the detailing of the machine that is different.

Key Features of The Hello Kitty Pocket Mod Scooter

The scooter has an electric motor that can delivery speeds of up to 15 miles per hour. This is a good speed for kids. Although it might not seem fast on paper, children will find it fast enough when the wind starts rushing through their hair (on this point, remember that a helmet is mandatory when using the machine).

The scooter is well built. This includes 12 inch pneumatic rubber tires that are durable and quite fat. This gives the rider good stability and shock absorption even when riding on rough or bumpy terrain.

The machine comes with disk brakes that can be applied via a lever on the handle bars (like a standard bicycle handlebar brake lever). The acceleration of the machine is controlled by a switch on the other side of the handle bars (right side).

When the scooter is delivered, there are a few things you have to do to get the machine going. The first is that you have to attach the steering column and handle bars and the front wheel. I guess these are not attached at the factory as they could be damaged or bent in transit.

The tires also need to be inflated and a foot pump with pressure gauge is supplied with the scooter. Other than that, you are pretty much ready to go. In the documentation on the scooter, they say it will take about 5 minutes to put the machine together. With this said, the chances are that you will have to charge the battery before it is used. This can take up to 12 hours if it is completely flat.    

Hello Kitty Razor Pocket Mod Electric ScooterGood Features of  the Pocket Mod

One thing that shines through in reviews on this scooter are that the engine is remarkably quiet. For anyone that has been woken up one early Sundau morning by the noisy racket of a gas powered bike or ride on toy will be grateful for this. It's also good for the child riding the bike too, as they can concentrate on riding and not worrying about the noise.

The scooter is easy to maintain and keep serviceable. When the battery charge is running low, simply connect the supplied charger to the charger port on the seat stanchion and plug into a mains socket. You can do this overnight and have a fully charged and ready to go scooter the next morning. Charge is said to last 1 hour of constant movement.

Other nice features are the storage space under the seat. The seat is hinged so that it can be lifted up and there is enough space for a helmet or other items. The scooter also has a retractable central stand so that it can be parked when not in use.

The manufacturers claim that the scooter can take weights of up to 150 pounds. This pretty much covers most age groups of children and even their parents in some cases. With this said, the manufacturer recommends that the machine is for 12 years and up but based on some reviews, children younger than this can ride the pocket mod scooter. 

Say Hello To Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is a character that came out of Japan in the early 1970's. It is a cartoon or anime like character of a white bobtail cat or kitten wearing a red bow. It is a cute looking character that is aimed at young to pre-teen girls. There have been various TV shows and other media to get children into the character but the main focus of the brand seems to be putting the logo of the kitten with the bow on all sorts of products. Thus turning them into a Hello Kitty pencil, purse, toaster or you name it. In this case it is a Hello Kitty scooter.

People can get quite hooked on Hello Kitty items and start a collection. This might start out with small items like pencils, stationery, bags and items of clothing through to more expensive items. The hello kitty scooter is probably one of the more expensive items you might want to collect.    

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