Hot Mod Razor Scooter

Hot Mod Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter Hot Mod Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter – The Red Razor Scooter For Boys And Girls

The Pocket Mod electric scooter is one of the more popular machines made by Razor, who seem to specialize in fun moving machines like scooters, bikes, go karts and skateboards. Parents and kids seem to like this style of scooter that is based on the famous Vespa scooter from Italy. Maybe it looks safer than other machines, with it's front fairing or maybe they just like the look of the machine. One thing that does come through is that many people think the pocket mod is only for girls. With the Hot Mod Razor scooter this is definitely not the case. This red colored scooter can be ridden by boys without feeling emasculated just as it can be ridden by girls. Let me explain.

More on the Hot Mod Razor Scooter

So the Hot Mod Scooter has a more masculine or neutral theme to it than most of the other pocket mod scooters. The other scooters have names like Sweet Pea, Betty and Daisy. They have the name printed on the scooter along with “girly” images like flowers. This may well put a little boy off riding such a scooter (or it may concern his doting dad) . So the Hot Mod has this covered.

The Hot mod Razor scooter, as already mentioned has a red and black color scheme. These colors kind of fit in with the high performance moniker that the machine is given. The red color is reserved from the front fairing and the engine cowling. The black color covers the floor board, the seat and seat stanchion.

There are also black crescent shapes or stripes along the cowling and front fairing (these must be go fast stripes, I'm guessing ?). Other than that, the Red scooter has a Hot Mod logo on the cowling. This styling is supposed to conjur up the idea of Hot Rods and customized cars I guess.

Apparently the Hot Mod is also exclusive to Amazon, meaning that you can only get it from Amazon. I'm not sure if this is true, presumably you could get it from the manufacturer Razor, if you really wanted it. And people also buy them from Amazon and resell them elsewhere.

Hot Mod Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter Hot Mod Razor Scooter Specifications.

Again, it should be pointed out that the Hot Mod does not differ in technical specs from other versions of the pocket mod scooter. It's simply the color and detailing on the scooter that are different.

With this said, this scooter is an electric powered machine that can get a top speed of 15 miles per hour.  Given that it is an electric motor, it is extremely quiet. In fact you can hardly hear it when it is stationary. 

It can take a weight of 150 pounds so this means even bigger kids (and grown ups) can have a bit of fun riding this vehicle. The age range suggested by the manufacturer is 12 and up however reviews of the  scooter claim that younger children can ride it.

The scooter has a variable speed control and disk brakes that are controlled via a standard brake lever on the handlebars.

The run time of a fully charged battery is around one hour. After that you will have to recharge it. This is simple with the supplied adapter. You simply plug the scooter into a wall socket and the main electricity will do the rest. It does seem quite long to fully charge a completely flat battery (12 hours) but I guess this can be done at night and be ready for the next morning.              

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